Chronologically arranged

Here is a list of our newsletter articles arranged chronologically, so that you can read them according to the order which they are supposed to be read through!

01.01 Editorial: Reading [link]
01.02 Why do we have to give thanks before eating? [link]
01.03 The Doxology [link]

02.01 Editorial: Holidays [link]
02.02 What does it mean to fellowship with a Christian? [link]

03.01 Editorial: Hymns [link]
03.02 Appreciating a hymn [link]
03.03 Guidelines on chairing and song leading [link]
03.04 Congregational singing [link]

04.01 Editorial: Spiritual leadership [link]
04.02 Leadership in the YF [link]
04.03 A Sharing on Leadership [link]

05.01 Editorial: What if there was no Christmas? [link]
05.02 A Sharing on Christmas [link]
05.03 Why did the angels sing? [link]
05.04 When was Jesus born? [link]
05.05 “Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne” [link]
05.06 The Life of David Brainerd [link]

06.01 Editorial: Spiritual Lethargy [link]
06.02 Warnings against spiritual lethargy (Part I) [link]
06.03 A checklist for spiritual lethargy [link]
06.04 “Go to dark Gethsemane” [link]
06.05 A walk through history… [link]
06.06 Readings for the Passion Week [link]


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