06.01 Editorial: Spiritual Lethargy

Q: What do the worm and pig have in common?

A: They are used to describe lazy people ( e.g. 懒惰虫,懒猪,lazy pig).


Should these metaphors find its way into the Christian’s reputation? Do you really want to be known and remembered by others as a sloth, even though you admit that you are a procrastinator, loafer and couch potato?  If your answers are ‘no’, I beseech you to snap out of your world and get into action RIGHT NOW.

To put it plainly, laziness is a sin. The world makes light of laziness and terms it a trait or a habit. On the other hand, the Bible which is our sole and final authority on all matters in life, calls laziness a sin. Laziness displeases God to the core; it disgusts Him and is totally contrary to the nature of God. Jesus said “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work” (John 9:4). Jesus worked like no man ever worked. He was tireless in his travels-preaching and teaching everywhere He went, to whoever was present with Him. When night fell, He prayed for hours. Before the sun rose, He was already up communing with His Father.  The life of Christ was a life of service. Therefore, lazy Christians are a disgrace to God. They are also useless in the kingdom of God and send out a live message that the blood of Christ cannot wash away the sin of laziness.

Maybe you are thinking “You have no idea how hopeless I am. I have been trying but I always end up lazy… again. I just want to give up.” There is only one thing to do: run to the cross and truly weep over your sins at the feet of Jesus. The curse of sin in your life has already being lifted by Christ’s work on the cross. Victory over sin is already guaranteed because Christ rose from the dead. Why then should you be hopeless and helpless? We have all that we need in Christ Jesus.

May you have a blessed Easter, and a blessed time with God.

(Written by Eileen Chee)


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