05.01 Editorial: What if there was no Christmas?

While this question is posed on a tract to non-believers, it is also something for us Christians to think about. I tremble to think of the many consequences that would come about if truly there were no Christmas, because to have no Christmas is to have no Jesus Christ at all.

  1. God would not be the same God whom I know now. God is my Heavenly Father who is ever ready to help me, support me and take care of me. Without Jesus Christ, I cannot call God my Father. God will only be my Judge and I will only want to run away from this fearful and terrible God. God would also not be a God of love, grace, mercy and peace because without Jesus, it would mean that He does not care about me; He is content to let me perish in my sins.
  2. God would also not be a faithful God. All His prophecies about a Saviour would be nothing but lies. His Word would not be true and I would never find delight in His laws. I would pity all the heroes of the faith who suffered and died for His Word.
  3. God would also not be a powerful God. Satan and his minions did not want Jesus to come and save us, and so they did all they could to prevent His coming. If there were no Jesus, it would mean that Satan is more powerful than God. I would laugh at anyone who tells me to trust in a God who cannot turn the hearts of kings, feed the sparrows and clothe the lilies of the field.
  4. To have no Christ would be the most miserable thing in my life. He who was to be my Sun and Shield, my Saviour and Lord, my Husband and Friend, had never come for me at all. He would be one who loves His glory above so much that it was unthinkable to Him to be made a man. He prefers to stay in Heaven and mock at us.
  5. Every man on earth, in every age and time, would come into this world absolutely helpless and hopeless. Everyone would be on the road to hell, bearing his own load of sin and forever cursed by God. God and man would be so far apart that there is no way of reconciliation at all. God would always look down on us with wrathful eyes while we pitiful mortals only choose to turn our backs on God continually.
  6. There would be no joy in our hearts. Our lives would be meaningless. Eating, drinking and making merry are just drugs to numb us from being reminded of a dreary life and the doom that should come. Everything we do is tasteless. Fathers and mothers will despair to bring any child into this world. I would wish I were never born into this world.
  7. I would never enjoy any interaction with church-goers. I would not care whether you die or live. Everyone lives for his own. I would not forgive anyone who gets on my nerves, much less sacrifice my time and energy for others. There would be no worth and value in toil and labour.

Enough said. Thank God for Christmas; thank God for Jesus Christ. I really owe my life to Him more than I can ever repay. All of us have a debt to pay. This makes me want to share the Good News of Jesus with lost souls even more. I confess my heart has been cold-towards Jesus and towards the untold millions. This Christmas season began with deep remorse. Thank God for giving me strength to renew my long-lost love for Christ. How about you, my dear youth? Do you still love Jesus? Will you love Him even more?

2012 has finally come to an end, but may it also signal the end of our wasted lives.

(Written by Eileen Chee)


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