04.03 A Sharing on Leadership

Sis Eileen Chee approached me some time back to write a reflection as ex-President of the YF for this edition of the YF’s newsletter. I am honoured to be given this opportunity to write, and I pray that the Lord will use it to bless both the reader and the writer.

As I looked back on my time serving as YF President in 2009, I couldn’t help but recall the time when I first started attending YF. It was back in 2001, in Calvary Jurong BPC, when I was 15 years old. I remember looking at the then-President, Adrian Poh (now worshipping in Calvary Pandan BPC) and thinking to myself “wouldn’t it be nice if I led the YF one day?” At that time I was spiritually still very immature and did not know the heavy responsibility of being a spiritual leader. By God’s grace He sustained me through the busy schedule of school and judo trainings, even allowing me to attend YF regularly and many opportunities to serve Him.

In 2001, I was clearly nowhere near ready to lead the YF, even if I really wanted to do so. It was through the years of serving and sanctification that the Lord caused me to grow. Until the time came in 2009, which was also my final year in the YF, that God called me to serve in the YF as the President. It was indeed not easy being in the “hot seat” for each Exco meeting, having to make decisions and set the spiritual direction of the YF. Truly it was a very daunting task, one that was done with much toil, labour and even tears. Then at the blink of an eye, the year was over, all the labour and toil as president came to an end. I was no longer in the YF and Jocelyn has taken over until now.

You may find that this is such a weird reflection, and not much said about my time as President in the YF. Well read on…

As I was thinking back on the short one year (the other two president in Truth YF’s history definitely served longer than a year), I could not help but be reminded of the words from Exodus 36:6,   “And Moses gave commandment, and they caused it to be proclaimed throughout the camp, saying, Let neither man nor woman make any more work for the offering of the sanctuary. So the people were restrained from bringing.” The background of Exodus 36 was that the people were building the tabernacle of God, and they were to bring free-will offerings for the things that are needed. However, so much was given on a daily basis such that Moses had to command the people to stop giving! Imagine one who struggled in his heart for the first few days on whether or not to give his precious items (e.g. gold and silver) – when the commandment was given in Exodus 36:6, even if he wanted to give unto God, it would not be possible.

As I look back on my years in the YF, we are all in a similar situation as the people in Exodus 36:6. All of us have a role to play in the YF, and every generation/ age-group will one day be called to lead in the YF. There will also come a point in time when it is too late to serve God in the YF, especially when you are unable to be a YF member (due to the age limit). I thank God for working in my heart, to grant me the faith to take on the leadership role when His time for me had come, back in 2009. If I did not do His will and serve, it would have been too late now, just like the people who wanted to give after Moses “gave the commandment” to stop.

Dear YFer, and all who are reading this, let us bear in mind that our time on this earth is short, but God does give us the opportunity to serve Him and to do much for Him. The problem is never found in God, it is usually found in us. Of course, I am not saying that all YFers should be nominated into the Exco for 2013, but do consider very seriously your role in the YF at this point in time. I believe the Lord used that first 8 years in the YF to mold and prepare me to lead in 2009; spiritual growth does not happen over night. I urge you to seriously consider how best you can serve the Lord during your time in the YF. You have not many years left in the YF, even if you think you are still young. Soon we will hear the words of Moses “… Let neither man nor woman make any more work for the offering of the sanctuary…” Your hearts will surely be filled with regrets if you do not serve Him right now. Yes, serving the Lord is very tough work, especially in positions of leadership, but this is the only right way to live for the Lord (i.e. submitting to His will in all things). We will never know when will this opportunity be simply taken away from you.

(Written by Emerson Ang)


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