04.01 Editorial: Spiritual leadership

During my primary and secondary school days, my principals and teachers were generally eager to nurture students with leadership skills. Positions such as Class Monitor, Subject Representative, Prefect, and Councillor were easily filled up. As this was the situation in those days, I am certain it continues to be so in your current generation, for it is an honour to be raised above one’s peers and be someone whom others have to pay attention to and even listen to.

How are student leaders selected? Usually, youths who are responsible, nice and popular get the support of the masses. I remember I had to campaign for myself as I ran for Student Councillor in Secondary One. I was expected to design and put up my own posters, make as many ‘friends’ as possible and gave a really short speech on the day of election. Somehow, I got enough votes and I became a Student Councillor. It was just a popularity contest.

Should the more popular YFers be nominated into the Executive Committee then? Should members find someone who is just friendly and pleasant to be their leader? The answer is “No!” In the Youth Fellowship, things must run differently from the world. We do not copy and paste the method of the world onto a spiritual body of believers. We are to look into God’s Word and know God’s way of choosing leaders. The Bible sets a totally different standard; in fact, it is much higher and more demanding.  A spiritual leader is to lead by his godly example – how he walks with God and how he ministers to others around him. He has to care for the various spiritual needs of his members and yet be strong himself. If the wrong person is put up into position of leadership, the YF will most likely head into disaster. It is perhaps better not to have a committee than to have a group of youth leaders seeking fame and ‘friendships’. As the YF enters this time of nomination, may every member pray earnestly for the leadership of the YF.

Thank God that He has provided the YF with the right people who have the burden and love to serve as leaders since 2006. There has been a series of ups and downs but looking back, we see Jesus Christ as the Shepherd of the many youthful souls. It is to Him we look to for guidance; upon Him we lean for strength to do this tremendous work; and in Him we find the joy of service. Let us trust in the Lord’s good hand to gently lead this flock of 22 sheep and lambs.

(Written by Eileen Chee)


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