02.02 What does it mean to fellowship with a Christian?

The Greek word for “fellowship” is “koinonia”. It has an idea of sharing or participating in something which is common. When it comes to the Christian context, this participation in something common is the sharing of ourselves as God’s children with one another as we walk in the light  (1 John 1:6-7). The Lord Jesus Christi is the basis of our fellowship with one another. So it is not possible to have fellowship with sinning brethren or with unbelievers. Phi 2:1-2 teaches that fellowship is the coming together of Christians who have the same purpose, mind and spirit for spiritual things.

Thus, when a group of Christians gather for the main purpose of playing soccer or drinking bubble tea, it is more like a social gathering. Christian fellowship is also not merely talking and chit-chatting.  In the NT church, the Christians fellowshipped together in very practical and tangible ways so as to share Christ.  In Acts 2:42, the Christians learnt God’s word, prayed for one another and ministered to one another by their giving and service.

When we meet one another in Room 03-08 to sing hymns, listen to messages and share about our week, we are fellowshipping. However, when the meeting ends, everyone scrambles to his/her own little world again. If you want to experience sweet fellowship, start by exiting your comfort zone and think how you can be a blessing to someone else, whether it be just listening, saying an encouraging word or doing a kind deed. Yes, even arranging tables and chairs and clearing up after refreshments are acts of fellowship!

In this time of holidays, consider meeting up with another Yfer, praying for the YF or doing something good for another Christian friend such as giving free tuition, running errands etc. During fellowship time,  think of what you can give of yourself (such as your time, energy or a part of your heart) to others, and not what others can give to you. Enjoy one another’s company!

(Written by Eileen Chee)


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