02.01 Editorial: Holidays


“Plaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Sleeeeeeeeeeep!!” Is that your answer? Let’s think again.

24 hours. This is the amount of time you have per day. On a normal school day, taking away time which you cannot control such as our sleep hours and school hours, you would be left with 24hr – 6hr (sleep) – 8hr (school + meals) = 10hr. Then for those of you who have CCA and Tuition, that will be 10hr – 2hr (CCA) – 2hr (tuition) = 6hr. Finally, if you subtract another 2hr for miscellaneous activities such as showering and travelling, you still have 4hr per day to make use of. So what do you do with the remaining 4hrs? It is highly probable that it will be given over to recreation and leisure such as dreaming (which can be done on a bus or train), facebooking, messaging etc. At the end of the day, what is leftover is given to a very speedy and sleepy Quiet Time. If this describes your life so far for the past 5 months, then holidays is NOT the time to play and sleep.

Surely there are more hours to spare during the holidays, even though you have to return to school for extra classes and trainings. Seeing that much time has being lost to the world during the school term, this vacation is the best time to buy back the hours and minutes you have lost, whether it is spending time with family, catching up on studies, pursuing meaningful interests (read: computer games, drama serials are not meaningful interests) and most of all, healing your backsliding ways. The main reason why many of us are so far from God is that we have given up communion time with God for something else; and when we are far from God, we will waste even more time on the things of the world. It is a vicious cycle that we all must break out from. Holidays is the best time to restore personal time with God and stocking up on our spiritual ammunition to face the world again.

This is a privilege which youths have and working adults wish they can have. While it is good to attend retreats, church camps, fellowship meetings, do not count on them to fix your relationship with God. You must nurture a habit of devotion to God in reading the Bible and prayer. Start by waking up early to have your Quiet Time. Ask God to bless your Bible reading. Instead of using the RPG, try studying an OT book, Gospel or Epistle this holiday. Slowly think over the words you are reading. Write your thoughts down. Take time to memorise bible verses too. At the end of it, pray that God will guide you in the day and help you to remember the lessons learnt. Do this day by day. When the new term begins, even when you are so pressed for time, you will not sacrifice your QT for anything else in the world, because it is here in this hour that you find peace and joy for the rest of the day which the world cannot give. 

Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

P/S: For those who are working, at least we do not have homework to do! We can have our own fruitful and meaningful time in the evenings. :)

 (Written by Eileen Chee) 


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