01.01 Editorial: Reading

Youths nowadays need to read. There is too much entertainment going on, like television and games. Entertainment of these kinds, while said to help relax minds and bodies, essentially lock us in the time and space of another world, which is not real. While catching criminals and stoning pigs with birds in that world, TV watchers and gamers lose precious actual seconds and minutes in their own real world. Before long, life is wasted and they grow old without having done anything worthwhile in this world, except perhaps making a huge dent in their couches and beds.

Reading, on the other hand, helps us to be aware of the world we live in. Of course, we can gain knowledge in many areas such as world history, geography, photography, beauty, eating well etc. These topics are no doubt interesting and knowing facts about them are helpful to a certain extent. But more specifically, they are helpful only in the physical realm; up to the time we enter our coffins. At that point in time, they will be buried in the sands of time, literally, even as your eyes close in death. As Christians who are going to live with Christ on high after this earth passes away, we must gain knowledge of eternal things – most of all, we must know the eternal God intimately. This we can do by faithfully spending time with our Heavenly Father in reading His word, praying and serving Him.

Another way we can increase our knowledge of God and His word is through the reading of literature that expounds further for us the deep truths found in the Scriptures, and of testimonies of Christians who live out God’s Word in their lives. Here is what this newsletter will attempt to do – to influence you to love reading Christian literature in a non-intimidating and interesting way (just in case some of you are already feeling threatened…). Since this issue is the first issue, we will give you a sneak preview of what you can expect in the following issues. Any feedback and suggestions are welcomed too! Also, if you would like to contribute any noteworthy articles or have a question that you want answered, kindly look for any of the Exco members too!

(Written by Eileen Chee)


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